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Squamis Out of Water porcelain fish by HR Design Studio
Squamis Out of Water
From £26.00
Woodland pageCUES by Gilbert 13
 Herbivore Indoor Planter by Jody Leach
Off the Wall Pots by Thelermont Hupton. Two sizes. Black, White and Orange
Off The Wall Pot
From £10.00
Takae Mizutani, Sweet Home Snail Plant Pot.
"Striped" Stoneware Vase in Orange or Pink
Swan Flowerpot Yellow by Gie El Home
Swan Flowerpot - Big

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Flower Market: Botanical Style at Home by Michelle Mason. Hardback
Larger Stately Jugs by Lesley Mc Shea
Hello Grimes Indoor Gardener Print
Indoor Gardener Print
From £18.00
Hover Planter
Hover Planter
Hover Vase by Thelermont Hupton. Bone China.
Hover Vase
Turquoise Blue Satin Finish Stripe Stoneware Vase by lesley McShea
Lesley McShea Sun Yellow Stoneware Vase
Vase - Tulip
Hand-painted turned Beech Lamp with a handmade shade. By Snowden Flood, Indigo and Blue, Forest and Green


Tree Skinny Silk Scarf by RubyKite


Tree Skinny Silk Scarf
£55.00 £60.00
Fern and butterfly teacup & saucer by Sasha Tugolukova
Leaves Earrings by Hazelnut Jewelry, gold or silver
Leaves Earrings
Sun Yellow Tapered Vase by Lesley McShea
Larger Stately Vases by Lesley McShea - Orange
larger Stately Vases
From £60.00
Holly & Ivy Glasses Set by Snowden Flood.
Woodland Undergrowth Silk Scarf by Terrarium
Woodland Undergrowth Silk Scarf

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Striped Stoneware Vase by Lesley McShea - Red
All Over Leaf Print Purse by Few London

30 results

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