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Featuring the products that go on our latest e-newsletters the Monthly Picks collection is hand picked for you and includes products for various occasions and tastes.
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Queen of Hearts - CROWN by Rentaro Nishimura
Mr Tea mug
Mr Tea Mug
No 3 Screwdriver Set by Elementary Design
Tee and Toast, Mr Tea Set (Mug & Tea Towel)
Glass Lamp Small honey by Gie El Home
Lightcase by Dominic Crinson


£24.50 £35.00
Mini Ribbon Coat Rack by Headsprung. Steel, in Yellow
Amanda Jane heart mother of Pearl Earrings red silver
Heart Mother of Pearl Earrings

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Mobe - Accessories Hanger by Dan Hoolahan
Glass Lamp Big honey by Gie El Home
Glass Lamp - Big

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Tactile Cosy Mug by Linda Bloomfield
Cosy Mug
Hoop Earrings by Barbara Yarde. Sterling Silver
Stark Hoop Earrings
From £145.00
Feather Ring by FrilyByLily
Feather Ring
Takae Mizutani, Sweert Home Snail Cake Plate, Natural
Stacked Side Table by Headsprung. In steel, Black/Red/White or White/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Stacked Coffee Table by Headsprung in Steel (Black/Red/White)
Stacked Coffee Table by Headsprung in Walnut, Oak and Maple
Terrace Wall Shelves by Headsprung, short in Oak
Terrace Wall Shelves
From £399.99
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Terrace Coffee Table
From £2,999.99
Stark Half Hoop Earrings in gold by Barbara Yarde Jewellery
Stark Half Hoop Earrings
From £140.00
Botnica tea towel by Jonna Saarinen
Iris Fine Bone China Plate by Sasha Tugolukova
Reveal Bowl large by Thelermont Hupton
Reveal Bowl
From £35.00
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