Mindful Living

Choosing and transitioning into a greener lifestyle? A range of products by our designers that feature recycled, sustainable, or eco friendly materials, it’s time to say goodbye to throwaway culture and welcome a more mindful lifestyle, an awareness of the environment we are living in.

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White Atlantis Dragon - Raising Vibrations Bracelet by Cosmic-Union.  gemstones
Dolphin Healer, Mermaids and Water Element Bracelet by Cosmic-Union
Deer Totem Earrings by Cosmic Union
Mermaid Totem Earrings for Clarity by Cosmic-Union. Crystals, Plywood
Natural Flow Sacred Geometry with Picture Jasper necklace by Cosmic-Union
Goddess Quartz Ring, Amethyst by Tiana Jewel London
Goddess Quartz Ring

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Steffy Rainbow Druzy Cuff ring, crystals, gold. by Tiana Jewel London
Steffy Rainbow Cuff Ring

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Purification Grid with Rose Quartz by Cosmic Union. Pink

128 results

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