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Offering gifts is so rewarding! Deciding on what to buy though can give you a headache. We gave ourselves a headache so that you don’t have to. This section is comprised of all the different products that would make great gifts within a budget of £50 or less.

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Spatula by Heather Scott
From £7.00
Tee and Toast - Teacake Mug
Teacake Mug
Unfinished clock in red by Thelermont Hupton
Grumpy raincloud T-shirt by Tee and Toast
Takae Mizutani, Sloth Tea Helper
Sloth Tea Helper

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Tetris Mirror by Soner Ozenc
Tetris Mirror
Stamp Mirror by Soner Ozenc
Stamp Mirror
Linda Bloomfield - Tactile Coloured Bowl - Turquoise
Dimpled Bowl by Linda Bloomfield, pale blue
Dimpled Bowl
From £26.00
 Herbivore Indoor Planter by Jody Leach
LED String Lights by Headsprung
Serpent Necklace White on Black by Rentaro Nishimura
Open ROY Drawing Board Bag by Artraveller - Black
Therma Cup by Therma Cup Co, ceramics and insulated.
Therma Cup - 2 Cups

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Have a tea-rrific Christmas Card by Tee and Toast
Ash Wall Hooks - Set of 3 by Utology
Luna Mini House Tealight by Luna Lighting
Nearest is dearest frame by Thelermont Hupton
Dreamcatcher earrings yellow and gold by Vintage Rose
Dreamcatcher Earrings

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Hundreds & Thousands Tea Towel by Jonna Saarinen. Linen. Yellow
Orange Neon Stoneware Mug by Lesley McShea
Thelermont Hupton - on the Edge Mirror
Off the Wall Hooks by Thelermont Hupton. Black, White and Silver
Takae Mizutani - My Egg & Soldiers - white

510 results

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