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Based on the premise that good gifts don’t need to be expensive this collection includes all of our products that could make perfect gift ideas without emptying your pockets. Humorous cereal bowls, retro pillow cases, design mugs and touching cards filled with heart-felt messages are among our suggestions. If your pocket does not object feel free to browse through the rest of this section. Some great ideas to be found there too!

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Queen of Hearts ring in Fluorescent pink by Rentaro Nishimura
Mr Tea mug
Mr Tea Mug
Thelermont Hupton - Lap Mug - Orange
Lap Mug
Architecture pageCUES by Gilbert13
Tearrific birthday card (single)
Tee and Toast - Mr Teatowel - Jibber
Linda Bloomfield - Tactile coloured plate  grey
Tactile coloured plate
From £12.00
The Ooob Doorstop/bookend by Headsprung in mango
Tee and Toast - Mr Teatowel - Damn
Takae Mizutani - Hidden Message Fine Bone China Cup - Blue
houses mug by Fatima Nadeem and Hidden art
Lace Cake Plate by Undergrowth Design. Earthenware
SHopping Trolley Mug by Parasite Ceramics
Amanda Jane heart mother of Pearl Earrings red silver
Heart Mother of Pearl Earrings

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Fish Eye Mother of Pearl Earrings by Amanda Jane
Fish Eye Mother of Pearl Earrings

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Knife wall hook black by Thelermont Hupton
Luna Mini Cat Tealight by Luna Lighting
Linda Bloomfield - Tactile coloured bowl - green
Snowden Flood, Battersea Power Station Mug
Citrine Tactile Mug by Linda Bloomfield
Tactile Mug
E, T and C Spoons  - Silver
Tee and Toast - Teacake Mug
Teacake Mug
Hidden Art Shop Gift Voucher
Mobe - Accessories Hanger by Dan Hoolahan

199 results

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