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If you are looking for that extra special gift don't look any further. Lighting, Furniture, jewellery, all works of art.
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Terrace Coffee Table
From £2,999.99
Stacked Coffee Table by Headsprung in Walnut, Oak and Maple
Large Ash and Brass Trug by Jane Crisp
Ash and Brass Trug
From £175.00
Amonita by HR Design Studio - Aluminium
Amonita Light
From £158.00
Porcelain Fish Chandelier by Luna Lighting
Papillon Rip
Papillon Rip
Ruby Raw Stone Stacking Ring by FrillyByLily
Chance eel skin clutch by Heidi Mottram


Chance Eel Skin Clutch
£208.00 £260.00

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UP Balloon Side Table by Duffy London. toughened glass
Birdbath in stoneware by Lesley McShea
House Portraits by Linescapes
House Portraits
From £230.00
K-Lamp Black by Vitamin Ceramic
K Lamp - Black
Stacked Side Table by Headsprung. In steel, Black/Red/White or White/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Stacked Coffee Table by Headsprung in Steel (Black/Red/White)
Terrace Wall Shelves by Headsprung, short in Oak
Terrace Wall Shelves
From £399.99
MK1 Transforming Coffee Table by Duffy London - Oak
Birdcage Light by Harriet Caslin, Porcelain. white unlit
Birdcage Shade

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Gem cufflinks by Barbara Yarde. Sterling Silver and set with Amethyst stones.  Amethyst
Gem Cufflinks
From £250.00
Oak Cloak Pendant Light by Vitamin
K Lamp by Vitamin in Stoneware Grey
Eterea by Bright Potato
Papillon Jet black Brass by Bright Potato
K Lamp - Earthenware
K Lamp Terracotta by Vitamin

48 results

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