Gifts for Her

Put a smile on her face with our selection of gifts for women. Sparkling jewellery, practical handbags for everyday use, lovely decorative pieces or just a cute card to express your love is what you can find in our gifts for her section.
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Panter Earrings by Hazelnut Jewelry, Gold or Sterling Silver
Panter Earrings
Cone Earrings by Hazelnut Jewelry. Gold or Silver
Cone Earrings
Lynx necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry, silver or Gold
Lynx Necklace
Maya Necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry, Sterling Silver or Gold
Maya Necklace
Moon Necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry, in Sterling Silver or GOld
Moon Necklace
Coins Necklace by HazelnutJewelry in Sterling Silver or Gold
Coins Necklace
Solei Necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry, silver or gold
Solei Necklace
Rosie Necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry, Sterling Silver or Gold
Rosie Necklace
Saturn Necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry. in Sterling Silver or Gold
Saturn Necklace
World Necklace by Hazelnut Jewelry. In sterling Silver or Gold
World Necklace
Natural Flow Sacred Geometry with Picture Jasper necklace by Cosmic-Union
Purification Sacred Geometry grid with Fluorite by Cosmic-Union. Gemstones
Elevation with Citrine Sacred Geometry Necklace by Cosmic-Union. Crystals.
Emotional Healing Grid Necklace by Cosmic-Union
Unicorn Earrings for connection to the universal heart, by Cosmic-Union. Crystals.
Activation Grid Earrings by Cosmic Union. Gemstones
Manifestation with the Fairies for Love and Beauty Earrings by Cosmic-Union. Gemstones.
Mermaid Totem Earrings for Clarity by Cosmic-Union. Crystals, Plywood
Deer Totem Earrings by Cosmic Union
Eyes of the Dragon Kingdom Bracelet by Cosmic-Union. Gemstones
Pink Dragon and Mother Gaia heart Opening to trust, love and security bracelet by Cosmic-Union. Gemstones
Quan Yin - Love and Acceptance of oneself and the world around by Cosmic Union. Gemstones
Dolphin Healer, Mermaids and Water Element Bracelet by Cosmic-Union
Cosmic Unicorns & Archangel Raquel - Family Healing

245 results

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