Prepare for this year's Easter feast with refreshing ideas straight from our Easter collection. Delight your guests, friends and family by serving your Easter eggs on imaginative bowls featuring hopping rabbits and big, warming smiles. Set the Easter table with beautiful porcelain and fine bone china creations that will add to the flavours of your Easter feast!

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Hoodies Salt and Pepper Set - Hex
All the Incense Snack Boat by Undergrowth Design. Earthenware
Rubik Printed Silk Cushion - Celadon Pink - H30 x W50 by Nitin Goyal London
Amonita by HR Design Studio - Aluminium
Amonita Light
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Pineapple Tea Towel by Michelle Mason
Arrow Printed 100% Organic Cotton Cushion Lime by Nitin Goyal London
Takae Mizutani - Hidden Message Fine Bone China Cup - Blue
Takae Mizutani, Sloth Tea Helper
Small Ash and Copper Trug by Jane Crisp
Takae Mizutani, Sweet Home Snail Plant Pot.
Happy camper T-shirt by Tee and Toast
Large Birch Wood Serving Tray by Jonna Saarinen
Urban Gnome - Original
Trio Birchwood Breakfast Trays by Jonna Saarinen
Bees Knees Hoop by Ashley Thomas
Bees Knees Hoop
Afternoon Tea Towel by Ashley Thomas
Complete Graniittti Tray Collection
Best Everyday Mug by Thelermont Hupton
Favourite Place Cushion by Ashley Thomas
Birchwood Breakfast Tray by Jonna Saarinen in Multicolour
Spaghetti and Jar measure by Ralli Design
Birchwood Breakfast Tray in Blue and Yellow by Jonna Saarinen
Bobble and Twinkle Necklace by FrillyByLily
Birchwood Breakfast Tray in Green by Jonna Saarinen

89 results

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