Prepare for this year's Easter feast with refreshing ideas straight from our Easter collection. Delight your guests, friends and family by serving your Easter eggs on imaginative bowls featuring hopping rabbits and big, warming smiles. Set the Easter table with beautiful porcelain and fine bone china creations that will add to the flavours of your Easter feast!

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Squamis Out of Water porcelain fish by HR Design Studio
Squamis Out of Water
From £26.00
Sun Yellow Stoneware Cup by Lesley Mc Shea
White London Stoneware Mug by Lesley Mc Shea
Bellow Grinders in ash wood by Vitamin
Bellow Grinders
Hampton Court Side Plate by Snowden Flood


Tee and Toast - Mushroom Tea Cosy
by the river she lay art print by So Klara


Glass Lamp Big honey by Gie El Home
Glass Lamp - Big

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Bauhaus Mini Modern Book case by Parametre in Yellow.


Dimpled Cup by Linda Bloomfield
Dimpled Cup
Takae Mizutani, Sweert Home Snail Cake Plate, Natural
Primary coasters in yellow by Thelermont Hupton
Ralli Set of Two Clear-glazed Earthenware Cups and Saucers
3d Printed Bicycle Trouser Clip by Gilbert13. Green, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow.
Orishe Vase by Headsprung
Orishe Vase
Hampton Court Dinner Plate by Snowden Flood


Reveal Bowl large by Thelermont Hupton
Reveal Bowl
From £35.00
White Dimpled Bottle by Linda Bloomfield
Dimpled bottle
Tactile porcelain bowl by Linda Bloomfield
Tactile Coloured Plate
From £12.00
Slot Together Brilliant Bee Kit by Gilbert 13
Cosmic Jar by Headsprung
Cosmic Jar
From £50.00
Galaxy Dome by Headsprung
Galaxy Dome
Utter Mouth Pot
Into the Woods by Roxane Dewar Illustration


Into the Woods

163 results

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