Great Products Shown at London Design Festival

The London Design Festival (13th – 21st September 2014) is THE time to lose yourself in Design with 300 venues spread across London, including the V&A. Here you will see some products from 10 of the designers that are on the Hidden Art E-Shop and exhibited during the Festival. So if you missed them at the London Design Festival or didn't make it to the Festival, now is your chance to purchase.

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'Straw' Salt & Pepper Shaker by DesignK
Urban Gnome - Original
Linda Bloomfield, Tactile Coloured Plate, green
Tactile coloured plate
From £12.00
Henry the Egg Cup (set of 2) by DesignK
Knot Lamp Small by Vitamin - Blue


Tactile Porcelain Mug by Linda Bloomfield
Linda Bloomfield, Dimpled Bowl
Dimpled Bowl
Linda Bloomfield - Tactile Cosy Mug - Citrine
Blossom bottle opener by Vitamin
Bottle Opener
Skyline Teapot by Parasite Ceramics. Bone China
Skyline Teapot
From £25.00 Sold Out
Welsummer Oblong Cushion
Wooden Hooks
Wooden Hooks
Riceouch Plush Toy by Noodoll in Green
Building Mug by Parasite Ceramics
Building Mug
Tree Plate by Parasite Ceramics
Tree Plate
Street Sign Cup and Saucer by Parasite Ceramics
Street Sign Cup and Saucer
£15.00 Sold Out
Tea for One Table - green by DesignK
Designk - Butterfly Teelight holder
Fruitbowl square cushion by Lindsey Lang Design
Chevron Oblong cushion by Lindsey Lang Design
Chevron Oblong Cushion
£58.00 Sold Out
Linda Bloomfield, Bone China Organic teapot
I.V. Plant Pot by Vitamin
I.V. Plant Pot
Money Box Hex by Vitamin. Ceramics
Money Box
Parasite Ceramics - Building Plate
Building Plate

34 results

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