Design for the NHS

Design for the NHS is a collection of designs from 16 small design brands who are donating a percentage of their sales to support the NHS in their fight with Coronavirus. There is a huge range to choose from and they are all here in this collection to make it easier for you.

 The following designers are participating: Tee and Toast, Elementary Design, Headsprung, Michelle Mason, Linda Bloomfield, Damdesign, Luna Lighting, Julie Hutton, Hello Grimes, RubyKite, So Klara, Lua Lua, Baldy and the Fidget,  Cosmic Light Union, Gilbert13 and Ralli Design.

The percentage of sales they are donating to the NHS is as follows:
Tee and Toast 20% lockdown cards; Elementary Design 35% all products; Headsprung 15% all products; Michelle Mason 30% Magazine; Linda Bloomfield 20% all products; Damdesign 100% profits of all products; Luna Lighting 25% all products; Julie Hutton Ceramics 50% all sales; Hello Grimes 50% all sales; Rubykite Design 10% of pouches and skinny scarves; So Klara 20% of prints and scarves; Lua Lua 20% of Tutti Frutti Collection; Baldy and the Fidget 5% of all sales; Cosmic Light Union 25% of all products; Gilbert13 10% of all products; Ralli Design 15% of Serving Jug Trio and Undergrowth Design 25%.   

In addition Hidden Art also donates 10% of its sales to the NHS. You can find more information here

196 results
Luna Mini Full Heart Tealight by Luna Lighting
Stellar Astro Lightshade - large by Damdesign
Fiesole, Italy Print by Hello Grimes


Fiesole, Italy
From £20.00
Calendula Pouch by RubyKite in cotton
Calendula Pouch
Atmospheric Tumbler by Undergrowth Design. Child Haven


Paul Lightpull by Luna Lighting. Porcelain in white, Gold, Silver
Luna Light Paul
From £22.00
Luna Mini Bunny Tealight Holder by Luna Lighting
Quan Yin - Love and Acceptance of oneself and the world around by Cosmic Union. Gemstones
Tutti Frutti earrings by Lua Lua in White and Bink. Silver, Pespex
Hello Grimes Indoor Gardener Print
Indoor Gardener Print
From £18.00
Hello Grimes Night Print
Night Print
From £18.00
Hello Grimes Riverside Print
From £20.00
Luna MIni Westie Porcelain Light by Luna Lighting
Luna Lighting Boy's Bike Tealight
RIVIERA Silk Scarf by So Klara
RIVIERA Silk Scarf

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Luna Mini Starburst Tealight by Luna Lighting
Swirl Tealight Holder, set of 6 by Headsprung. Chrome
Galaxy Dome by Headsprung
Galaxy Dome
Tutti Frutti Pendant in orange, navy and grey. Silver/Perspex by Lua Lua
Linda Bloomfield, Organic Teapot
Organic Teapot
White Dimpled Bottle by Linda Bloomfield
Dimpled bottle
Seaskape Skinny Silk Scarf by RubyKite
Feather Skinny Silk Scarf by RubyKite


196 results

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