Our Christmas Favourites

Let the Christmas season begin! We have selected some lovely Christmas gifts, loved by our customers and made by our designers. Share the love and joy with your friends and family.This collection includes products from our designers that are donating a percentage of their Hidden Art E-Shop sales to Maggie's Barts. They are Baldy and the Fidget, Jonna Saarinen,  Lesley McShea and Thelermont Hupton.  Hidden Art will also donate 5% of this year's Christmas Sales. You can find further information here. 

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Set of 20 Miniprints by Linescapes


The Complete Remo Cork Coaster and Pot Stand Set by Jonna Saarinen. Multicolour
Hello Grimes Pencil case pattern wildflower
No 1 Screwdriver Set by Elementary Design
Hello Grimes Make Up bag blue wildflower pattern
Hello Grimes Indoor Gardener Print
Indoor Gardener Print
From £18.00
Trio Birchwood Breakfast Trays by Jonna Saarinen
Purple Green and Pink Star Scarf by Amanda Jane's
Star Scarf
From £40.00
.The Duette Tables by Curvalinea grey

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Binary Duo Tables by Curvalinea legs natural ash grey white
Binary Duo

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Midnight Wanderings by Baldy and The Fidget
Midnight Wanderings Print
From £25.00

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METEORA Scatter Cushion by SO KLARA
Birchwood Breakfast Tray by Jonna Saarinen in Multicolour
Undergrowth Design - Atmospheric Tumblers - Enigmatic Forest
Therma Cup Yellow by Therma Cup Co Black Lid
Therma Cup Yellow

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Shooting Star Hook Earrings, by Barbara Yarde. 18 ct Gold Plated
Lunaari Mixed Colours Cork Coasters - set of Six by Jonna Saarinen
Shooting Star Stud Earrings, by Barbara Yarde, Sterling Silver
Bangles by Jane Crisp
Shooting Star Necklace, Sterling Silver, by Barbara Yarde
Shooting Star Necklace
From £70.00
Woodland Undergrowth Silk Scarf by Terrarium
Woodland Undergrowth Silk Scarf

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LED String Lights by Headsprung
Flake by Rentaro Nishimura
Horse & Pearls Mug by Sasha Tugolukova

179 results

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