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Here you will find the most loved gifts chosen by you from the past year. It's always a journey seeing the changes and shifts in this particular collection, for it marks the changes in our environment, the world and ourselves with the times. Unlike any other, the products in this collection are the most popular; sometimes for its beauty at other times functionality, timelessness or even cuteness. To make your shopping experience easier, we've put them all here from jewellery to home accessories. 

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Luna Mini Angel Tealight by Luna Lighting. Porcelain
Box Set of 20 Mini Prints


Box Set of 20 Mini Prints
£14.40 £18.00
Rio earrings Red by Lua Lua
Minerva Earrings by Hazelnut Jewelry, silver or gold
Ash Wall Hooks - Set of 3 by Utology
Off the Wall Pots by Thelermont Hupton. Two sizes. Black, White and Orange
Off The Wall Pot
From £10.00
Zylinder Teapot by DesignK earthenware. Black Bal;l grey lid and yellow spoutt
Zylinder Teapot
Ember Metallic Silver Ring by Tiana Jewel london
Ember Metallic Ring

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Carousel Horse Scarf blue by Amanda Jane
Carousel Horse Scarf
From £38.00

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Earthenware Ceramic Flow Plate Sea by Julie Hutton Ceramics
Flow Plate - Sea
From £38.00
Large Ash and Brass Trug by Jane Crisp
Ash and Brass Trug
From £175.00
Large and Colourful Tower Bridge Mug
Takae Mizutani, Sweet Home Snail Plant Pot.
Knee Mub yellow by Thelermont Hupton
Knee Mug
Zahara Turquoise Cave Necklace
Zahara Turquoise Cave Necklace

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Tutti Frutti Pendant in orange, navy and grey. Silver/Perspex by Lua Lua
Elementary Design, Pizzl'mats
Villa Comunale, Naples, Print by Hello Grimes
Purple Women's Suffrage Stud Earrings by SO KLARA
Sun Yellow Stoneware Cup by Lesley Mc Shea
Lathed Cup by Harriet Caslin. Porcelain. White, Grey, Green, Rose, Peach
Lathed Cup
The Complete Lunaari Cork Coaster and Pot Stand Set by Jonna Saarinen
No 1 Screwdriver Set by Elementary Design
Pineapple Tea Towel by Michelle Mason
Pineapple Tea Towel
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103 results

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