Your Own Pop-Up Photo Studio from Dominic Crinson

Your Own Pop-Up Photo Studio from Dominic Crinson

29 November 2018
By Annie Wu

Living in the modern age, taking pictures of details in our lives, capturing experiences from travels, snapping inspirations from recent events; then sharing them with family, friends and around the world is for many, one of the most prominent highlights in our daily routines. With Christmas and the New Year right around the corner, what to give to our loved ones comes into question.

This week we introduce the Lightcase, its newest version and glimpses of its design journey; the Lightcase, Lightcase Pro and Lightcase Flatlay are the perfect gifts for the makers/crafters, photography lovers, designers and travelers in your life. Whether you’re in need of a quick-to-assemble photo studio to photograph your designs or wish to photograph your favourite souvenirs and possessions, Dominic Crinson’s Lightcase series, is a top candidate this Christmas.

Lightcase Flatlay by Dominic Crinson

Dominic Crinson, a multidisciplinary designer creates some of the world’s most striking tiles and wall coverings, tiles that enrich spaces with their bold imagery, kaleidoscopic prints and evocative colour. It is unexpected and bold move that he invented the Lightcase, a pop-up photo studio to professionally photograph small objects. The  design is easy to assemble – just slot all the walls and flaps in place – in a few seconds and voila!

lightcase by Dominic Crinson

The Lightcase, Lightcase Pro and Lightcase Flatlay, all available on our shop here, is made from frosted polyproplene which diffuses the light sources evenly within its walls also creating a reflection-free background, the elimination of the annoying glare that often occurs and softer shadows on the object you’re taking. The Lightcase also comes with 3 background colours (white, black, and frosted).

Following the successful Kickstarter campaign for the Lightcase in 2014, Dominic Crinson secured funding for the Lightcase Pro, an improved version of the original product.

Lightcase Pro Double by Dominic Crinson

The Lightcase Pro, building on its predecessor is bigger than the first, expandable by joining multiple units together, stronger with more durable structures and adaptable, for it offers more possibilities by opening the back, sides or top.

What also makes all three Lightcases unique is they are designed with a hole on the top of the Lightcase so that you can take photos with your smartphone or with a professional Canon/Nikon camera with tripod from the front which is convenient for makers, crafters, students, professionals and photo enthusiasts, for each person has access to different equipment.

Lightcase Package by Dominic Crinson

To help you decide on which one to purchase, here is a quick glance at the dimensions.

Lightcase: H30.2cm x W31cm x D22.5cm 
Folds down to 21cm x 29.7cm an A4 (US letter) 

Lightcase Pro: H33.7cm x W38.4cm x D28.5cm
Folds down to 38.8cm x 29cm

Lightcase Flatlay: H50cm x W51cm x D41.5cm
Folds down to: 25cm x51cm x 1cm

Lightcase Flatlay by Dominic Crinson

The Lightcase Flatlay builds on its predecessor the Lightcase Pro, the largest of the Lightcases. It has no base unlike the previous two designs so can position over any pattern, texture or surface. All three are 100% recyclable.

Lightcases in action

The Lightcase in action! Set it up and take Instagram worthy pictures. Social media enthusiasts will love using it for blogs too. All a chance to bring posts to life with pictures that appear like it was taken in a professional photography studio.

You can see Dominic Crinson’s entire collection on our eshop here.

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