Valentine's Gifts Made with Love from Amanda Jane

Valentine's Gifts Made with Love from Amanda Jane

By Josie Mills

Amanda Jane in her Studio

Amanda Jane, mixed media artist, creates beautiful jewellery and scarves using original drawings and photos to create her products. From start to finish Amanda makes and designs each product. Her scarves, for example, are stitched, hand-dyed then screen printed with her original designs making each one special and unique. Amanda’s products make the perfect gift as they are hand-made with love, being perfect to give to someone you love.

Streets of Paris Silk Scarf

Amanda’s products stand out from the rest due to their unique and original design. Her products are not mass-produced, but works of art that ensure the highest quality and skilled design. Combining these elements, Amanda has created a timeless and beautiful collection of work. As Amanda rightly says, ‘this makes each piece special and every customer important’.

Peas in a Pod Necklace by Amanda Jane

One of Amanda’s most memorable designs was a request to make a personalized pearl bracelet with multiple charms and colour styles. Together with the customer, Amanda created a bracelet with half white and half grey pearls that had a four different sailing charms evenly spread in between. The ladies mother was overwhelmed by her daughter’s gift. It is this dedication to creating something unique and charming for the customer that makes Amanda’s brand so friendly and special.

With Love Charm Bracelet

One of my favourite pieces of jewellery Amanda has designed is the With Love Charm Bracelet. The piece is handmade with grade A freshwater pearls with a sterling silver charm. The simplicity of the bracelet gives it elegance with a sparkle stardust ball added to make it shine.

Heart Mother of Pearl Earrings by Amanda Jane

Making and creating has always been Amanda’s forte. From a young age, Amanda was always drawing to building objects with cardboard, Kenex and Lego. Having learnt how to knit by the age of 7 and make small fabric bags with her mum’s sewing machine, Amanda has always maintained and developed her creative instinct.

After graduating from the University of Cumbria, Amanda created her brand Amanda Jane’s in 2011 and continues to widen her design skills and grow her business.

Sun Love Charm Bracelet

Amanda’s collection continues to develop with her love of designing and creating never ending. 

Her new artwork has just launched on the Hidden Art Eshop!

Rue Yvonne Translucent Artwork

To see Amanda's full collection click here

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