Treasures of Nature

Treasures of Nature

Spring is a time for rebirth and a new cycle, longer days and rising temperatures. It is a celebration for plants, blooming flowers and bringing nature indoors and into your home with nature inspired products from our designers. These are some of the designs and inspirations. You can find more in the Treasures of Nature Collection.

Flower Market by Michelle Mason

Michelle Mason designs contemporary interior and giftware products. She also co-founded Mason & Painter, a vintage shop on Columbia Road in East London, famous for its Sunday Flower Market. Her first book, Flower Market draws on her design experience to create stunning combinations to show how to make the most of your fresh flowers and bring botanical style into the home. She says:

 “The book was inspired by my local flower market, on Columbia Road in London's east end, and the pleasure of shopping locally to support independent florists and growers. I worked very much in tune with the seasons and photographed plants and flowers as soon as they appeared throughout the year. The book includes chapters on colour and decoration and demonstrates how to use reclaimed and repurposed objects to style and enjoy seasonal flowers at home without costing the earth." 

 Flower Market, Botanical Style at Home by Michelle Mason

Ash Wall Hooks by Utology

Utology designs interior products offering simple, considered accessories for the home or office, handmade in their workshop. They aim to create timeless pieces that are valued and cherished by putting craftsmanship and functionality at the forefront of the design and making process. Dan Hoolahan says about the Ash Wall Hooks:

This was one of my first products and a starting point to my business. A family friend had been restoring a 1950’s Bentley and thought I might be able to make use of the leftover ash he had been using for the interior. I was working from my parents garage back then and they had recently had the bathroom remodelled. They asked if I could make some towel hooks, so using the ash offcuts I had been given I created the first hooks. It never occurred to me I’d still be making them years later, although a slightly more refined design!”

 Ash Wall Hooks by Utology

Small Shell Pendant by Nina van Houten  

While studying at Central Saint Martins, Nina van Houten developed an interest in materials and finishes, which often add a unique twist to her designs. This allows her to introduce new textures – and for her original inspirations to metamorphose into captivating, modern designs. She says:

Through my background as a make-up artist for theatre, I developed a good eye for colors and textures and you can really see that in my jewellery work as well. I strive to make beautiful, elegant pieces that make you feel just that little bit more glamorous.”

This lovely gold dipped pendant is inspired by a heart shaped shell, and is a great 3d sculpted feel.

 Small Shell Pendant by Nina van Houten. Gold Dipped.
Indoor Gardener Print by Hello Grimes   

Hello Grimes sells bright and bold art prints, pins, textiles and stationery; all designed and illustrated by illustrator Amy Grimes in south east London. Taking inspiration from nature and the natural world, all products feature leafy landscapes and botanical motifs.

The Indoor Gardener Print is a good example of her style.

Indoor Gardener Print by Hello Grimes

Reclaimed Leather and Beech Wood Desk Tidy by EastDesign

A brightly coloured reclaimed leather and sustainably sourced beech wood is used in a unique way to create this simple, contemporary desk accessory and pen tray handmade in Norfolk. Use it to store pens or any loose items and keep a limited desk area tidy. It has a rubberised base to help it grip to the desk surface or wherever you may want to display it.

Specifically chosen for its light colouring and distinctive reddish streaking, this beech hardwood is heavy and durable, ideal for a solid modern design such as this desk tidy, its fine even grain adds to its modern feel and its abundance across Britain and Europe means its very sustainable.

Andrew Cunningham founder of EastDesign bases his designs on changing people’s perceptions of traditional furniture items. He encourages new functionality and ways of living and using the products.

Reclaimed Leather and Beech Wood Desk Tidy by EastDesign

In the Undergrowth Cushion by Terrarium  

Terrarium creates colourful handmade homewares inspired by botanical beauty and intriguing narratives. Founded by designer Sophie Thompson, out of her desire to bring the beauty and abundance of nature into the home. Inspiration for the design collection is drawn from a deep fascination with man's interaction with nature. The contrast between these two worlds is captured in delicate illustrations and contemporary digital processes to create dramatic, detailed designs

In the dark and mysterious woodland undergrowth, tiny plants and creatures hide. Amongst this tangled and layered foliage, valuable objects dropped and lost by passers by, lie concealed waiting to be discovered.

In the Undergrowth Cushion by Terrarium

45 Coat Rail Wall Rack - Oak by John Green Design   

When John bought himself a Festool Saw, he set himself a brief for some prototypes for the Home Show which included the 45 Coat Rail Rack: You have just forked out £450 for your brand new Festool Saw. Now make that £450 back with a product that utilises the saw much as possible. fast forward 6 years and the 45 Coat Rail Wall Rack is now made in batches of 100 and were on batch 23.

John Green creates innovative and functional furniture and lifestyle designs that people can’t resist.

45 Coat Rail - Oak by John Green Designs
4 rural landscape Cloudspotter Coasters by Snowden Flood 

Snowden is an interior accessories designer based in London.

These four rural landscape Cloudspotter Coasters make a stylish statement that you LOVE the British countryside and beautiful skies. Snowden comments:

“I was trained as an artist and still, wherever I go I carry a sketch book to sketch & scribble in.  And I love to walk with my dog in the countryside, when I do, I often stare up at the sky.  Even though my dad was a keen sailor and could tell you the name of every cloud formation and what it meant for the weather that would come, I just can never remember the info. But I do like to draw them and look at these pictures of them in my home.”

Set of Four Rural Landscape Coudspotter Coasters

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