Have a ‘Tea-rrific’ Birthday with Tee and Toast

Have a ‘Tea-rrific’ Birthday with Tee and Toast

by Josie Mills

Claire Mullan from Tee and Toast#

Tee and Toast is a playful, quirky design company specialising in putting a smile on your face! With their punny cards and funky designs, Tee and Toast is the perfect go-to for birthday gifts. Claire Mullan, founder of Tee and Toast, creates all of her designs in Belfast, pouring her creative energy into T-Shirts for grown-ups, happy t-shirts for kids and fun accessories for the home!

Have a Tea-rrific Birthday Card by Tee and Toast

Claire’s love of unique and quirky design grew since inheriting a heat transfer T-Shirt press, in 2004, from her Uncle along with a number of vintage transfers. Inspired by the ‘retro awesomeness’ Claire began to make tees for her friends and family.

Happy Camper T-Shirt by Tee and Toast

Her love of design grew as she experimented with bright colours, silly doodles and punny sayings! Eventually her hobby became a full-time job and Tee and Toast was launched in April 2005. Claire says that ‘with the help of many a cup of tea’ she was able to create her business with the intent of making people smile. This love of tea has translated into her designs, with the help of ‘Mr Tea’ (see below) with a matching tea towel created to bring ‘punny’ products into your breakfast routine.

Mr Tea Mug by Tee and Toast

Claire designs all of her products by hand, which all start from a simple doodle. ‘Drawing’ on her love of owls, foxes, mushrooms and gnomes, Tee and Toast has created products combing both her love of nature and tea!

Mushroom Tea Cosy by Tee and Toast

Inspirations for her designs come from spending weekends at St George’s market in Belfast. By mixing with the local people and tourists Claire gains a ‘kaleidoscope of colour’ to inspire her, and it is often here where new ideas pop into her head for new designs. At the heart of Tee and Toast is their love for a good brew!

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