Gifts for Special Dads

Gifts for Special Dads

This is a selection of gifts for your special dads. Whether he is into architecture, an artist, a keen photographer, likes his cufflinks, or is a coffee lover, a DIY enthusiast or a modernist… here you will find what you were looking for.

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Kreis Mug by DesignK

For the stylish father: Embracing the spirit of Bauhaus the Geo- Collection Monochrome is characterised by a combination of precise geometrical components. These geometrical shapes were transformed into tableware and the depiction of forms inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s “Triadisches Ballett”.

Graphical and artful objects inspired by Bauhaus and created by Byung, the London based designer and founder of DesignK.  Minimalist, geometrical forms and shapes characterize his objects. He explores to bring the tradition into modern styles with handcrafted small batches of products of which every piece is a limited edition.

 Kreis Mug by DesignK

Lightcase by Dominic Crinson

The Lightcase is the perfect present for the fathers that love photography. It is a portable pop-up photo studio that helps to take professional photos of small things. It is easy to assemble and the polypropylene diffuses the light creating a reflection-free background.

Dominic Crinson who is also a tile designer invented the Lightcase to photograph his tiles and it has now been adapted to photograph any small object.

Lightcase by Dominic Crinson

Roy Drawing Board Bag by Artraveller   

The Roy Drawing Board Bag is a messenger bag that creatively transforms into a drawing board and equipment holder. This bag is ideal for the travelling artist in you. The bag has been made from very sturdy shower resistant materials and enough pockets to hold all your art equipment (sold separately).

Artraveller is an art and design accessories brand founded in London, England in 2015. They create products for creative people from all walks of life. Their goal is to inspire creativity through clever functional products.

Roy Drawing Board by Artraveller

 Box Set of 20 Mini Prints by Linescapes  

For the father that loves architecture: Amalia Sanches from Linescapes started designing the mini prints as her customers loved her business cards that were similar. Since she started making the mini prints, she has now created enough designs to start selling a full set of iconic London drawings. This includes St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Battersea Power Station, Tate Modern, Barbican, Willow Road, Trellick Tower,  Hoover Building, National Theatre, Isokon Building, Royal Festival Hall, Highpoint, Wembley Tower, Kew Temperate House, London Transport Museum, Wallace Collection, London Taxi and Routemaster.

Linescapes which was set up by freelance architect Amalia Sanchez provides a vehicle for her own design work. Her style is inspired mainly by the aesthetic of the Mid-Century movement, beautiful vintage design and by a strong sense of colour and graphics.

Box Set of 20 Mini Prints by Linescapes

Therma Cup by Therma Cup Co   

Therma Cup is for the environmentally- conscious father. It is an insulated cup for the discerning coffee or tea drinker who prefers to drink from a ceramic cup. 

The story of the Therma cup comes from Jody’s own personal need of an insulated cup and the desire of great tasting coffee. So he set himself the brief to design a cup that will keep a coffee at a perfect temperature without tainting the flavour. The cup also had to be comfortable to hold and have a capacity of 8oz so he could use it as a takeaway cup. The Therma cup was launched initially in white via a Kickstarter campaign, different colours were introduced later.  

 Therma Cup by Jody Leach. Blue with Black Lid

Screwdriver Set no 2 by Elementary Design

For the DIY father. This screwdriver set from Elementary Design is a handmade reproduction of two originals designed by Justin Holmes for himself when, as a cabinet maker, he was unable to find a set of screwdrivers which met his requirements for comfort, quality and simplicity.

The beech handles are fitted with solid brass ferrules and are finished by dipping in linseed oil. The initial matt appearance will darken with age and become polished with use.

The high quality bits are of a standard size and can be substituted for other varieties and easily replaced when eventually worn out.   

Elementary Design specializes in product development and manufacturing, bringing new products from the “fuzzy front end” to finished goods.

Screwdriver Set no 2 by Elementary Design

Elephant Glass Cufflinks by Georgina Griffiths  

For the trendy father. Captured within the glass of these quirky cufflinks is a vintage illustration of an elephant. The perfect gift for someone who never forgets!  A tiny printed image is trapped within fused glass to intrigue and delight the wearer and viewer alike.

Working from a studio in East London, Georgina designs and produces a range of glasswork, from large-scale architectural glass installations to jewellery, vessels and tiles. She is often drawn to subjects that might usually be disregarded and make them the centre of attention.

 Elephant Glass Cufflinks by Georgina Griffiths

Case Pendant by Vitamin

For the modernist father. Designed by Vitamin and Someday Designs, the Case Pendant plays on the simplicity and understated aesthetics of modern, minimal living. Handmade in the UK, the ceramic ‘case’ is produced in small batches to ensure the exact finish, texture and pigmentation are achieved. Creating a striking drop pendant that works equally well as a single light source, in rows or clusters.

Vitamin and someday designs are both British design brands based in London. Since 2004 Vitamin have paired quality design and functional innovation with an honest approach to materials and finishes. someday designs are collaborators and makers.

Case Pendants by Vitamin and Someday Designs


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