Easter Dining Made Special - Top 8 Easter Gifts

Easter Dining Made Special - Top 8 Easter Gifts

Now the clocks have gone forward, we have a little more sunshine and spring has finally arrived, people’s attention around the globe turns to Easter. After the cold of January and February everyone is looking for a little celebration, and it is partly why Easter has become such a special family time around the world.

For those that celebrate Easter, it is a family affair, filled with the best foods and treats. To help you celebrate Easter in style, we have chosen our favourite 8 Easter gifts, perfect for preparing for your Easter feast or even to be shared as a gift!

Henry the Egg Cup by DesignK

For many cultures around the world, the Egg is a symbol of new life and fertility, it is no wonder then that the Egg has become such an iconic symbol of Easter. (they also taste great too!) ‘Henry’ the Egg Cup was designed and produced in 2013 and was inspired by King Henry VIII of England. Henry the Egg cup adds a humorous twist to history and the breakfast routine. What better way to celebrate Easter than enriching your Easter breakfast with royalty!?

Ricecarrot by Noodoll

What is more iconic than the Easter bunny? Look no further for an adorable gift to delight the kids this Easter with their very own Ricecarrot Plush Toy from Noodoll! This adorable little baby pink rabbit has won our hearts with her cute stare, fluffy ears and pom-pom tail.

Lunar Egg Cup by Thelermont Hupton

For a minimalist elegance to the breakfast table, there is nothing better than the Lunar Egg Cup by Thelermont Hupton. This cup is created from the intersection of three eggs, whilst the real egg sits comfortably in the middle – creating a mini breakfast sculpture. Brilliantly white and delicate, made from bone china, this Egg Cup is pure luxury.

Dimpled Cup by Linda Bloomfield

No Easter feast is complete without the perfect drinking cups! These porcelain Dimpled Cups designed and made by Linda Bloomfield are the height of luxury and sophistication. Go with symmetry and have all the same colour tone for your table or mix it up with all three colours!

Chocolate is the Answer Tea Towel by Ashley Thomas

After your Easter feast comes the washing up! Ashley Thomas’s brilliantly funny and charming ‘Chocolate is the Answer’ Tea Towel couldn’t be more fitting to wash away your feast and get to the bit everyone is waiting for! (Chocolate Eggs!)

Sweet Home Snail Cake Plate by Takae Mizutani

What better way to serve your Easter chocolate and sweet treats than on this popular Sweet Home Snail Cake Plate by Takae Mizutani. The perfect gift for the food lovers among you, the Sweet Home Snail Cake Plate is adaptable to all foods! (Especially Chocolate!)

London Eye Plate by Snowden Flood

Easter is the time for eating, drinking and family & friends getting together, so it is no surprise that Snowden Flood’s London River Series of bone china plates and mugs are very popular. Beautifully designed with striking colours they are great to make the house look stylish and bring an extra special touch of luxury to special occasions.

Mr birdee Bird Box by Desinature

Nothing says Easter more than the sound of chirping birds! Mr Birdee by Desinature is the perfect shelter for all types of garden tits this Easter. Just twist and slide, attach to a tree and wait for the birds to move in!

We wish you all a very Happy Easter here at Hidden Art! See the full Easter collection here

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