City Enchantment

City Enchantment

As the light fades and city lights glow in the wintery cold, we invite you to explore our City Enchantment collection that reflects all things simple and refined, capturing the details of everyday life in the city. Hear the sounds, see the landmarks as you traverse through the landscape of mugs, plates, lights and more. Choose unique objects to fill your home and discover gifts for loved ones that are made to last.

London Landmark Bone China Mug by Linescapes

This bone china mug is beautifully decorated with a detailed illustration of three of London's most iconic landmarks. It comes within a card box which makes it a fantastic gift for London lovers or anyone interested in its architecture. 

Linescapes is a multidisciplinary brand set up by free-lance architect Amalia through which she not only offers interior design services but also provides a vehicle for her own design work. Her eclectic style is inspired mainly by the aesthetics of the Mid-Century movement, beautiful vintage design and by a strong sense of colour and graphics that comes from her experience as an architect.

London Landmark Bone China Mug by Linescapes

No 3 Screwdriver Set by Elementary Design

 The No.3 Screwdriver Set is a gift set combining the No.1 & No.2 screwdrivers by Elementary Design. Both screwdrivers are handmade reproductions of two originals designed by Justin Holmes for himself when, as a cabinet maker, he was unable to find a set of screwdrivers which met his requirements for comfort, quality and simplicity.

The beech handles are fitted with solid brass ferrules and are finished by dipping in linseed oil. The initial matt appearance will darken with age and become polished with use.

The high quality bits are of a standard size and can be substituted for other varieties and easily replaced when eventually worn out. The Bits are phillips, pozi and flat. The screwdrivers are individually packaged in specially designed boxes. No.2 set contains smaller handle with 6 bits.

Elementary Design specializes in product development and manufacturing, bringing new products from the “fuzzy front end” to finished goods.

NO 3 Screwdriver Set by Elementary Design


Lightcase Pro by Dominic Crinson

Bigger pop up photostudio for smartphones - Get pro photos in a snap using your iPhone or camera. Lightcase enhances the natural light. Now bigger and expandable. 

  • It's quick and easy to set up
  • It's made from frosted polypropylene which diffuses the light source to create an even, reflection-free background and softer shadows on the object within
  • You can photograph products from above with a smartphone or from the front using any camera
  • 100% recyclable

 Lightcase Pro by Dominic Crinson

Dominic Crinson creates some of the world’s most striking tiles and wall coverings. Delicate yet bold, contemporary whilst embracing tradition, he creates wall tiles that enrich spaces with their kaleidoscopic prints, evocative colour and bold imagery. Using natural forms as inspiration and abstraction as a method for creating pattern, Dominic also invented the Lightcase which is a pop up photo studio for professionally photographing small objects. He created this to photograph his tiles and has now been adapted to photograph any small object.

Handjob Hooks - Thumbs Up by Thelermont Hupton

Part of a series of handmade coat hooks and wall art based on familiar gestures from the welcoming to the more expletive!

The use of hands as a means of communicating emotions and messages is widespread and instantly recognisable. These hands grow from the wall in a series a familiar gestures portraying welcome, pleasure, farewell and indeed hostility to create wall art or somewhere for your coats to call home.

Gestures include Thumbs UpWaveRock OnShakeOKUp YoursPoint and Peace. They come in Different colours and are made of resin composite with gloss lacquer finish.

Handjob Hooks - Thumbs up by Thelermont Hupton

Thelermont Hupton is the collaboration of Yve Thelermont and David Hupton. After years working successfully in disciplines far removed from design the two independently trained in fine cabinet making. Designing is a labour of love for the duo, searching for a story or specific reason to design and produce an object. They focus on the detail, embrace functionality and strive for high production values that allow Thelermont Hupton products to deliver something distinct with a character and beauty that others choose to live alongside.

 Incastro Lampshade - Printed Birch Ply by Damdesign

This understated and elegant pendant lampshade is simple and yet perfect in any modern interior. The clever form is achieved by simply folding over and interlocking the shade. It is made from natural wood and comes flat-packed with easy to follow instructions for immediate use with existing pendant fitting. 

 Incastro Lampshade - Printed Birch Ply by Damdesign

Damdesign has a certain minimalist style which resounds through their portfolio of interior products and accessories. Every design intrinsically uses the available material and process to their limits, in order to create extraordinary out of the ordinary, without succumbing to decorative dressing. They adopt a holistic creative process to achieve minimalist and modular design solutions. Their inspiration comes from nature and the interaction of people with everyday objects.

Walnut Wood and Beech Wood Blockclock by East Design

This Blockclock uses sustainably sourced Beech wood and American Walnut to great effect, creating a graphically inspired minimalist clock for your desk, sidetable or bedside. Available with black or white hands. 

Twelve inlaid sections of American Black Walnut wood represent the hour marks of the clock. The minute hand thus passes in front of each inlaid section to register a clear and easily readable time.

Each clock is finished with several coats of danish oil to protect the wood, enhance the natural grain patterns of the two woods and provide a long lasting finish. Each clock is hand made so imperfections and surface defects could be visible due to the nature of the wood. choose from white or black hands when placing your order

 Walnut Wood and Beech Wood Blockclock by East Design

EastDesign is a furniture & home accessories designer based in Norfolk, making unique, contemporary designs using FSC certified and locally sourced hardwoods. It is run by Andrew Cunningham. All products are hand made. Designs are based on changing peoples perceptions of traditional furniture items & encouraging new functionality, ways of living & using the products.

Sparkled Top Petal Table by Curvalinea

The heart shaped Petal table brings a touch of individuality and charm. The sparkled top is a stylish addition to a contemporary space and fits with a variety of colour schemes. This good-looking table works well in a compact space combining style with practicality. It’s very versatile and popular as a living room side table or as a bedside table. This table has a white top with natural ash legs.

 Sparkled Top Petal Table by Curvalinea

Judy Clark designs for a collection of colourful shaped tables were first seen at Clerkenwell Design Week and 100% Design in 2014. Following this success Curvalinea emerged as a studio working to promote growth and excellence in British-made design. Today, Curvalinea side and coffee tables are made in four distinctive shapes and a range of seasonal colours and surface textures. Hard wearing and multifunctional, they are designed to fit and work with you, adding enjoyable visual impact in your home, work and family spaces.

Keli by HR Design Studio

Keli is your new desk companion! An eco-vase for your favourite plant.
Made out of wax with fragrances, it perfumes the environment and thanks to its geometric shapes you can create a unique and elegant ambiance for your space.
The wax allows freedom for creating incredible new shapes and with a waterproof material, you can water your plants and watch them grow.
Keli is available in 5 colours, all with different fragrances. The colours are: Black Waxy, Blue Freshener, Brown Cinnamon, Green Apple,  Grey SPA, Lightbrown Waxy, Orange Orange, Purple Blueberry, Red Red Fruits, White Vanilla, Yellow Waxy.

 Keli by HR Design Studio

HR Design Studio is a Portuguese design studio with the will to create, explore and show new details in Design. HR Studio has been marking its position in the market with the participation on several magazines, events and prominent platforms in national and international design. The rapid growth, the multidisciplinary team and the strong ambition for the studio to become a platform in areas like ambient, furniture, accessories and consultancy, will give the vision for new and amazing ideas. Behind the obvious, is the motto for the search of materials into different and constructive ways. Originality is the combination and exploration of the limits of their potential. They won the Portugueses Object Design price with their Amonita Lamp.  


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