Elegance and Beauty of Barbara Yarde Jewellery

Elegance and Beauty of Barbara Yarde Jewellery

by Josie Mills

Jeweller Barbara Yarde

Barbara Yarde’s collection of elegant jewellery is visually stunning. Her unique craftsmanship was refined during her time at Sir John Cass, University in London, whilst studying jewellery and silversmithing. Every piece of her collection is handmade in her London workshop, and her concentration on sterling silver, plated in 18ct gold, is what gives her jewellery its stunning shine.

As a trained goldsmith her attention to precision and detail is outstanding. She uses a variety of techniques to combine precious gold and silver with traditional design processes such as wax carving, Keum-Boo (fine gold fusing) and reticulation. Her broad skillset and exceptional craftsmanship is reflected in the quality of her work. Indeed, her range has expanded extensively since she first came to Hidden Art as her demand and reputation grows.
Sterling Silver Four Leaf Clover Bracelet by Barbara Yarde
Barbara Yarde's jewellery collection focuses on elegance; from silver cups, four leaf clovers to shooting stars, her pieces are handcrafted to show beauty that is literally out of this world. Her range includes rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces that have matching pieces so you can enjoy her collection to its fullest. Barbara’s stunning Silver Four Leaf Clover Bracelet is intricately bound together to showcase 10 perfect individual leaves that are destined to bring you fortune, pair it with the matching necklace and you have a stunning set of silver. Her pieces are the definition of minimalistic elegance that shine to demonstrate unrestrained luxury. It is no surprise, therefore, that they are in such high demand for those very special occasions.

 Shooting Star Stud Earrings by Barbara Yarde
Her collection oozes romance and charm that makes her pieces perfect for wedding gifts, birthday gifts; anything and everything that requires a touch of sparkle. The Shooting Star Stud Earrings in particular are a favourite piece that would enhance the glamour of any wearer.Sterling Silver Cup Bracelet by Barbara Yarde
Barbara’s work is heavily influenced by her exotic travels and everyday life. She takes inspiration from places such as India, the Yves Saint Laurent Majorelle Gardens in Marrakesh, The Valley of the Queens in Luxor and the Victoria and Albert museum in London. These places have fuelled her imagination and influenced her jewellery. Each of her designs, therefore, are heavily laced with interesting stories and secrets that Barbara has learnt on her travels that give a significance and history to every piece. She incorporates these unique ideas into her work that has allowed her to create timeless pieces that are sought after for those indulgent moments.

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